“We love JSOD because the instructors are not only dedicated to teaching excellent technique, but more than that, they are dedicated to loving our girls and making sure that God is glorified in every step and in every dance.”

Gretchen GibsonParent of dancer Kate Gibson

“The office is impeccably organized in terms of online communication and prompt responses to questions. The teachers are very professional. Especially appreciated is Natalie’s leadership to the students of Company, teaching a strong work ethic and a no-tolerance policy for negativity about other dancers, including other studios.”

Julianne BestParent of dancer Katherine Best

“You cannot beat the level of training that students get at JSOD. But more important is the truly amazing staff here. I couldn’t hand pick better role models for my daughter. What a blessing they are!”

Amber RokasParent of dancer Sydney Rokas

“Have you ever heard that leadership starts at the top? At JSOD, that is true from top to bottom and everywhere in between. From the owner and manager down to the teachers, this studio has given my girls the perfect venue to hone the gifts God has given them to be used for His glory. It’s a place where girls are taught to give each other loving, supportive, positive feedback and encouragement. At the same time, JSOD inspires excellence in dance through every genre. What my girls have gained from JSOD is much greater than only dance. We are always delighted at how much they grow in dance, character, teamwork, and friendships each year. We are so grateful to have a studio with such a devoted staff to help guide our girls as they grow and mature into the young women God has created them to be.”

Susan PriceParent of dancer Brinley Price

“Having a background in dance, I knew what I was looking for in a dance studio for my daughter. I found everything I wanted from challenging choreography to appropriate costumes when I enrolled her in Joy’s School of Dance. Natalie and her staff not only care about my daughter’s turnout, technique and talent, but they also care about her character, her heart and her self-esteem. This is why I say that JSOD is simply the best!”

Carrie YoungParent of dancer Carrigan Young

“Our two daughters really like Joy’s. One is in a preschool class where the teachers are patient and encouraging with those little dancers. The other is on Company and loves the instruction in each of her classes; she has learned a lot of skills and appreciates the excellent choreography. I especially like Lydia in the ballet teaching. She was trained at a professional ballet school in Washington state and performed with Ballet Magnificat for some time before settling in Waco. So she has high standards, which she has lived and passes on to her students at Joy’s.”

Molly TrippParent of dancers Cayley and Normandy Tripp

“Joy’s School of Dance not only provides my three girls with a top notch dance education, but they also value each individual for who they are, while encouraging them to become their personal best. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable in the specific dance style(s) that they teach. They instruct with patience, kindness, excitement, and professionalism and provide a safe and nurturing environment for my girls! We love Joy’s!!!”

Sara JonesParents of Anna, Katy and Lacie Jones